If you love this industry, it’s not work.

Current Openings

//Art Director

1. Art design, advertising and related majors, diploma or above

2. More than five years design experience, more than three years experience as senior designer

3. Strong design management ability, good command of designing skills, possess innovation and in-depth understanding toward design

4. Proficient in a variety of design software, familiar with computer hardware and a variety of external equipment

5. Possess a strong understanding of documents and strategies, capable of developing creative proposals, good sense of color and excellent skill in structure composition

6. Dedication, responsibility and passion toward design

7. Good communication skills, team spirit, good management ability, excellent organization and coordination ability

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//Senior Website Designer

1. Three years or above website design experience, diploma or above

2. Excellent sense of design, extraordinary design ability

3. Able to work independently in project overall analysis and planning, good coordination skill

4. Proficient in Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and other related software

5. Familiar with HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScrip languages

6. Hard-working, strong sense of responsibility, strong desire to learn, pursuit of self-development, team spirit, good communication skills; Able to understand user interface requirements, able to design the interface based on clients’ needs

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//HTML Engineer

1. Responsible for front development of client’s website
2. Cooperate with the WEB background staff and serve as a link to bridge former tasks and follow-up tasks
3. According to users’ needs, make analysis and come up with the optimal reception technology solutions
4. Pick up experience on foreign fashion, learn advanced production concepts, improve their own self-cultivation quality

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//PHP Engineer

1. More than 2 years relevant work experience, computer-related diploma or above
2. Proficient in PHP, MYSQL programming, fully understand PHP performance optimization and maximum security, proficient in Smarty template technology, understand Asp/jsp/.Net script language and database platform, familiar with xhml+css and JavaScript language
3. Strong program design and database design skills
4. Able to analyze requirements, overall framework, modules and process
5. Ernest, careful, possess good communication and expression ability, good team awareness, good learning ability
6. Standardized coding habits and good document management habits
7. Familiar with Flash AS 2.0/AS 3 interactive application is preferred
8. Familiar with .Net development language is preferred

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//SEO Specialist

1. Diploma or above, 1 year related work experience, CET 4 or above, good English reading ability
2. Careful, patient, strong sense of responsibility, good team spirit
3. Website promotion experience is preferred
4. Good communication skills, problem solving ability and strain capacity

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//Account Executive

1. College degree or above, good English ability
2. Strong communication, coordination and public relations ability, good team spirit
3. Strong responsibility, active, cheerful, efficient and willing to accept challenge
4. Advertising and digital related work experience is preferred

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//Website Design Assistant

1. Design related major, junior college or above
2. Proficient in use of Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator and other design software
3. Good communication skills, honest, careful, responsible
4. Have a strong sense of team
5. Creative, keen insight in fashion trend
6. Good concept of time, serious and responsible, humble, studious

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aBridge is looking for people who are not only passionate but also with ideas. We respect personal styles, habits and crazy ideas. We believe the strongest people are those who love what they do, but not consider it work.

If any of the below openings interests you, please send your resume and portfolio to job@abridge.cn. We look forward to hearing from you!