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Our Services

Through undergoing a complete analysis of target users and competitors, we find out potential factors that affect your brands and business. Our aim is to improve your digital marketing strategy, website design and user experience which creates the greatest values for your digital investment.
  • - Website diagnosis and competitor analysis
  • - Website strategy and positioning
  • - Information structure planning
  • - Marketing and promotion suggestions
Website Design & Development
We are a creative team who embodies talents from branding, information, visual and technology fields. We pump in all form of fresh energy to our work by building exquisite and rich websites.
  • - Corporate and brand official website
  • - E-commerce website
  • - Promotion campaign minisite
  • - Group platform website
APP & Mobile Site Creative and Development
We help brands to master mobile devices. From mobile strategy to building mobile websites and APPs, your brand presence can be improved in mobile devices.
  • - Mobile-and-Tablet-Compatible Website Development
  • - Cross-Platform APP Development
    (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
Email Marketing
We design static and animated eDMs. Our services include blasting to designated database and providing an eDM report afterwards. The report outlines useful data, such as PV and click rate, to help you retain and develop customers.
  • - EDM
  • - ENewsletter
  • - ECard
  • - EMagezine
Brand Visual Design
We help brands to design professional logos with visual identity system to establish unified image. We can also extend and strengthen this identity digitally to websites, mobile and touch-screen devices.
  • - Corporate Identity System (CIS)
  • - Visual Identity System (VIS)
  • - Digital Visual Identity System (DVI)
Next Step
Our restless desire in innovation makes us look to the future. We constantly ask ourselves: ‘What is the next step?’. We will continuously develop new services to help you stay on top in this digital age. Stay tuned!


Every project needs a meticulous post-production maintenance to sustain it values, so does a website.

A successful website does not only receive user attention in the long term, but also become a tool for corporate marketing/promotions and communications. Apart from the preliminary planning of a website, operation and optimization after launch also determine its true values.

ABMS presents a full range of website operation management and assessment solutions. It visualizes the results of website operation. Our professional team tracks your website’s condition at all time. We make sure your website is stable, the content is updated and offer advices according to website traffic. The aim is to provide continuous success in your digital marketing.

Scope of ABMS:
- Overall website visual management
- Website content update and maintenance
- Banner, EDM and topic page creative design
- Webpage maintenance and update
- Search Engine Optimization
- Website hosting and management
- Technical support
- Website traffic monitoring and data analysis
- Website optimization suggestions
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